Hello Man O War Swim Team Member!
Our team starting date is June 4  Everyone needs to be at the pool by 7:00pm. Swim assessments will be done for new swimmers.
Athletes without a current medical form will not be able to swim.  We will give you one to have filled out, but athletes will be unable to swim until the medical form is returned.
Swimmers need to bring goggles and swim suits and towels.
The group that swims in the main pool will be swimming a workout on Tuesday night.
It looks like it will be an exciting new season.
Congratulations to all the swimmers that competed in the the Lucky’s Lake Swim Golden Mile. We has several current and former Man O’ War Swimmers take part in the race.  Congratulations to Lauren Bergquist and Gregg Dedic who both won their divisions. Other swimmers included Jesse Greve, Jon Sady, Stephen and Donald Singleton and John David Haywood.

Gregg wins his division at the golden mile.

Lauren wins her division at the Golden Mile.