We have been given fourteen slots for the State swimming championships. As always we had more swimmers win gold medals than we have slots available to send athletes. The selection was based on finishes at the area games.  To be eligible to go to State games you had to win at least one individual gold medal. Priority was given first to those that had won two individual gold, and they were automatically qualified.  Next preference was given to those that won a single individual gold medal and were additionally on the fastest relays. These criteria filled all of our available slots. Please do not complain to the coaches, we have nothing to do with the rules for State Games in the allotment of slots. Feel free to write the state office and voice your complaints,  they will carefully place your letter in their round file where it will be promptly turned over to the State Department of waste management which will give it their full attention.

Even if you have not qualified for the State Swim Meet we would love to have you to continue to come to practices.

2018 State championship qualifiers

Men’s Medley Relay

Dedic, Greggory       + 50 Back & 100 Back

Greve, Jesse            + 100 Free & 50 Free

Soules, Ian               + 100 Breast & 200 IM
Westman, William + 100 Back & 100 free

Men’s Freestyle Relay

Vanscoter, Chad                 +50Free & 50Back
Mallamas, Robert (mike)  +50 Breast & 100Breast
Graham, JD                        + 50fr & 100free
Lanno, Mark                       +100Free & 50Free

Womens Free Relay

Berquist, Lauren     +50free & 100free

Cubillos, Isa              +50Back & 50free

Merrian, Taylor        +50Back & 50free

Hogan, Nicole         +50Back & 50free


Relay alternates

Deutch, Steven 400fr & 1500free

Elzeer, Regan      50Back & 50free