Hello Man O War team members!

Reminder movie night is tomorrow (Tuesday) the movie will start precisely at 7:30pm.  There is no swim practice.  We will decide on the movie at 7:20pm by putting it to a vote.  If you want a say in what movie you will be watching make sure to arrive before 7:20pm.  We will have popcorn and soft drinks, you must bring your own hard liquor (just kidding we will be selling it, but drinks must be preordered by mail postmarked no later than July 1st).

County games are next week (Tuesday July 10th)We will be taking team photos so please arrive by 7 pm! Make sure you wear your team suits or if you don’t have a team suit wear your racing suit if you don’t have a racing suit wear your birthday suit.  You must swim  in county games to be eligible for Area games.

PARENTS we will need volunteers to time for county games.

Movie Night exactly one decade ago and two of these swimmers are still sitting on the floor watching the movie. It makes it difficult to vacuum but we have got used to it.