I only have photos and results from yesterday (Saturday) so far, but everyone has done great!!  I’m very proud of all our swimmers.  Coach Larry reports the following results from the meet. Jesse got three Golds, Gregg got three golds, Ian got three golds, JD Graham got three golds,  Edwin 1 gold and a fourth and fifth place, Steven Deutch three goals, John David a bronze and a gold, Chad two Silvers and a gold, Mike Malamas one bronze and a gold, Jason a gold and two bronze, the medley relay won gold and both freestyle relays won gold, Maisha took two 8th places.  Mark Lano finished with two golds, and one silver and William Westman also had two golds and one silver. Unfortunately there were no new team records set; however, this should not be too surprising as our record board is very fast!  I will post other results as I get them.