First, I hope everyone is safe from the storm.  As of now, we will be having practice on Tuesday as the YMCA is still scheduled to open again on Tuesday morning.  This could change.  As soon as I find out about any closings I will send out a report, but for now, plan on practice Tuesday evening.

Below is a preliminary State Meet entry list.  This may not be “final” if some folks can’t attend.  If you know you can’t swim that weekend and you are one of the 13 swimmers listed make sure you let us know ASAP.

We were allocated 13 spots for State Meet. Slots were filled first by the members of winning A relays and then based on the number of individual wins an athlete had during Area Games, then by times for filling the B relay.  I would have liked to have taken everyone, but this is not possible.  Alternates are Michael Derayunan, Edwin Vasquez and Omaet Santiago if any swimmers pull out then their slots can be filled by these alternates.

Important!!! We have alternates that can fill slots if you can’t go let us know ASAP!

We will be asking everyone to confirm by Tuesday evening at practice.

Please let Sarah Haywood know if you can’t go.