Welcome to the 24th season of the man-o-war swim team.  It should be an exciting year.  Please remember to bring goggles, suit, towel and gold doubloons as we will be swimming (You may not need the gold doubloons for this practice but you just never know when they might come in handy).

Coach Apryle’s group will start with assessments at 7:15 pm, please come a bit early if you are new or have paperwork to fill out.  Make sure your medicals are up to date.

Coach Lucky’s group will start stretching at 7:30 pm and get in immediately afterward unless there are still large alligators in the lanes and then it will take a few minutes longer for us to shoo them out into the other lanes.

Congratulations to Gregg Dedic who just finished swimming Alcatraz.  Gregg is our second team member to complete the swim.  A great goal for everyone!

Coach Lucky says, Gregg has an impeccable fashion sense.