Sounds like everyone swam well at State Meet.  No new team records, but a lot of great swims.

Coach Larry reports:

We had some individual best times but I am not sure if we had any team records (we did not). Our medley relay won by 10 seconds, our freestyle relay DQ by an early take off. We had one individual DQ. Our medley relay was 2:48.43 , Ian was 3:02.73 200 freestyle, Gregg went 1:18.77 hundred back that may be a record (missed the record by one second),  Aaron went 4 8 for the 50 freestyle,  Mark went 40.5 for the 50 free and died.  Jesse went 30.7 for the 50 free, Jesse was 1:08 for the hundred free.  Chad went 55 for the 50 backstroke almost got disqualified for going too fast,  Gregg went 2: 54.6 for the 200 back. Maisha went 1:33 .5 for the 50 breaststroke and also got gold in the 50 freestyle. Some of our swimmers had real good first swims and then their second swims we’re not quite so good, everybody was happy on the whole

Coach Apryle reports:

Taylor dropped 5 seconds to take 1st in the 50 free.  She did her best time in the back also taking a bronze.  Sydney dropped an amazing 7 and a half seconds in the 25 free taking gold and dropped another 5 seconds in the 25 back taking silver.

A great end to a successful season.  If you can keep swimming during our off season that would be great!  If not we will see everyone next spring!

Coach Lucky