After tabulating all the results for Area Games we have come up with the State Meet Roster for the Man O’ War swim team.  As in previous years we had more winners at Area Games than we had slots to go.  For Coach Apryle’s group the roster decision was made by lottery.  In Coach Lucky and Larry’s group the decision was made based on overall individual finishes and membership on A relays at Area Games.  A reminder that all of our coaching staff would like to have had all of our individual event winners go to State. Needless to say this is reasonable and fair. This is not how the State Special Olympics runs the aquatics competition.  Over the years our team and coaches  have voiced our displeasure with the current system, but the bottom line is, they at the State level are not interested in change.  Congrats and good luck to all those that will be going to State.  Barcroft Media is filming a television segment on yo-yos at coach Lucky’s house that weekend so he will be unable to attend.

2016 State championship qualifiers


Men’s Medley Relay

Dedic, Greggory       + 100 Back & 200 Back
Greve, Jesse            + 100 Free & 50 Free
Soules, Ian               + 100 Breast & 200free
Westman, William + 100 Back & 100 free


Men’s Freestyle Relay

Vanscoter, Chad                 +50Free & 50Back
Mallamas, Robert (mike)  +50 Breast & 100Breast
Sherman, Douglas              + 100Back & 100free
Lanno, Mark                       +100Free & 50Free

Individual Event Swimmers

Haywood, John David – 50free & 50Fly
Washburn, Serena        – 50Free & 50Back
Louis-Jeune, Maisha    – 50Back & 50Breast
Brock, Aaron                   -50Free & 50Back



Teaching Pool Group

Taylor Merriam

Syd Lambert