We have not received our allotment numbers yet for the State swimming championships.  As always it comes down to a quick deadline so we are likely to be asked to provide a list of our swimmers attending within hours of getting our allotment numbers; therefore please be ready to tell us at next Tuesdays practice wether or not you can commit to going to the State Swimming meet on Oct 3-4th at Sebastian.  Only swimmers that won blue ribbons at this year’s Area Games will be eligible to participate. Because these slots are valuable and not everyone who has qualified will get an allotment slot, please be absolutely sure you can attend if you take a slot.  Anyone that takes a slot and misses the meet may be made ineligible for next years state championships.

Worlds largest chair domino effect used in Coach Lucky’s Ice Water Bucket Challenge  WATCH BY CLICKING HERE

Worlds largest chair domino effect used in Coach Lucky’s Ice Water Bucket Challenge WATCH BY CLICKING HERE

Also if you missed the last post Lucky is asking to help make his video go viral to help the ALS foundation by watching the video and passing on the below message. We are at 1700+ views and counting.

Passing this chain letter (I prefer to call it a “succession” letter, sounds more sophisticated and less trailer park)on will not bring you good luck or help you win the lotto .(but on the other hand I could be wrong)


 The summer of 2014 will be remembered as the summer of the ALS ice water bucket challenge.  This was a fun craze that raised millions for ALS research. Crazes end, but the need for research dollars doesn’t.  Imagine another twist, internet videos seem to be perpetual, so our purpose is to give all money generated from You Tube from this video to the ALS foundation. This only works well if this weird little video goes viral and that’s where you come in.  Please send this video link to five contacts (you know, to the guys with the big email lists that are always filling your inbox with strange videos, photos and chain letters) with this message and ask them to do the same.  Watch often (and drag a kid away from the x-box and make them watch too) and with a little luck the ALS foundation will get royalty checks for years to come to use in the battle against this devastating disease.

Strong work to those that pass this on, you are good people, and if you don’t, you are probably good people too, we just might never get to know it.

Many thanks

Doc Lucky Meisenheimer

Watch Doc Lucky’s ALS Ice Water Bucket challenge Rube Goldberg machine here:  http://youtu.be/iMw3JD2CGzo