Please note that there will be practice on Tuesday August 26.  For some reason computer gnomes have altered our calendar deleting this date from our practice schedule. Please ignore the gnomes pranks. We will have practice same time same place.

Congratulations to all of our area games swimmers.  We had 44 swimmers representing the Man O War swim team and they represented well.  As fast as our record board is getting, there was still room for more records. The record breaking started with the men’s 200m medley relay with a time of 2:45.2 made up of Gregg Dedic, Ian Soules, Jesse Greve and William Westman the men’s team also took the gold for area games and I believe it is the fastest time ever swam for a S.O. medley relay  in the state. We also had several individual record breakers,  Ian Soules 50m breaststroke 47.6, Jesse Greve 50 freestyle 30.4 and Lori Thomas 50 freestyle 43.2 .  In addition the all the records we had a total of 34 swimmers win gold medals at the area games.  Gold medalists include: Cory Boone, Aaron Brock, Emily Cartwright, Emanuel Cordono, Gregg Dedic, Steven Deutch, Nicolas Dionisi, Michael Drier, William Dyess, Alan Feith, Dean Goodman, Jesse Greve, Nicole Harrold, John David Heywood, Vern Houghton, Mark Lano, Ryan Letcher, Maisha Louis-Jeune, Erin Maciarz, Johnathan Mages, Joya Marte, Travis Morgan, Jason Munoz, Kevaughn Murray, Taylor Nardolillo, Colin O’Conner,Vinny Patel, Amanda Rivas, Ian Soules, Tricia Spaulding, Lori Thomas, Michael Tortorella, Chad Vanscoter,William Westman and Patti Wittick.  Many congratulations to all swimmers that participated in the meet.

We do not have our allotment for the state meet yet but I will let every know just as soon as we get the numbers.