On August 17th we are hosting a special event at Lucky’s house to set an RPR world record for the longest human chain over a body of water.  This is in honor of the Man O’ War swim team’s 20th anniversary. We are also using this as a fundraiser for Orange County S.O. All donations will be given to our local county S.O.

I would like for as many of our swimmers as possible to participate in this event.  We will only have the more advanced swimmers in the water and coach Lucky and Larry will let you know wether you are in the water or out.  All other swimmers we will use on land as part of the “anchor” to the chain.

This should be a fun event so please mark this on your calanders.

More information about the event is below.

World Record Cert human chain


World Record Attempt

Everything you wanted to know about our next big event HANDS ACROSS LAKE CANE.  SATURDAY AUGUST 17TH but were afraid to ask.

First let me express my thanks to Mi for working tirelessly on this event.  The event started with me saying in the hot tub “wouldn’t it be neat to . . .” the next thing I knew was Mi had signed up several hundred swimmers. To this day I have no idea what Mi has been telling folks, but it seems to be effective.  Below is what I think she has been saying.

What is it?  Lucky’s Lake swimmers will be attempting to make the world’s longest human chain across a body of water.  Our goal is one/half a kilometer.  If we complete the chain the world record will be certified by Record Holders Republic.

Why should I do this event? Well the short answer is why not. The long answer is that we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Man O’ War Swim Team (Special Olympics) that trains out of the YMCA Aquatic Center.  Lucky has coached the team for twenty years and many other lake swimmers help coach including our Saturday morning check in guy (Larry Peck) who has been coaching with Lucky for nearly the entire time.  We are doing the world record attempt as a fundraiser for cognitive disabled athletes; so all donations will go directly to the Orange County Special Olympics.

Who can participate?  We are trying to limit participants to those that are veterans of Lucky’s Lake Swim.  We don’t want nice folks that are not skilled swimmers to get themselves in trouble (drown) during the event.  If you have family members that wish to participate they can be part of our anchor chain, which will be on land.

How much does it cost to participate?  There is no charge, but we are asking all participants if they could find it in their hearts to donate a minimum of $10 to the cause.  If you donate an exceedingly large amount of money Lucky promises that he will never force you to watch his pole dancing routine in private. We would prefer checks be made out to Orange County Special Olympics. We will collect money the day of the event.

Can I still donate if I am out of town that weekend? Sure,  give your check to Lucky at anytime.  He will tell you to make the check out to Lucky’s Cayman Island Vacation Fund and he will try to convince you that this wording is a synonym for Orange County Special Olympics.  Please ignore him and make the check out to Orange County Special Olympics.  Also try not to give Lucky cash or he will end up spending it on sweets or magic beans.

What time does it start?  We are asking everyone to be here at 7:45am and we will start forming the chain at 8AM.  Lucky has a scheme for setting up the chain in about 10-12 minutes, but that only happens if he has complete cooperation from his duck, so realistically plan on allowing about 30-40 minutes to set up the chain.

I have swum the lake but I don’t think I can tread water for 30 to 40 minutes? No problem, we have extra swimmers to fill in the gaps of those that sink to the bottom or are eaten by gators and/or the Lake Cane Monster.  Also, we have ordered over 400 swim noodles for folks to sit on.

Will there be food?  Yes, if you bring some.

Will there be music and dancing.  Yes, we are planning on a live band, but the dancing you have to provide yourselves.

Will there be a regular Saturday lake swim as well? Yes, after the chain is completed we will all return to shore and regroup. Any swimmers that are not too water logged can then do the lake swim.

Will there be Special Olympians at the event. Yes, several of our Man O’ War swimmers will be participating.

Where do we park?  That is a most excellent question and we are working on an answer.  Right now we are asking folks to carpool as much as they can.

Can I swim any stroke?  You are going to be a part of a human chain holding hands with two other people. I think you will find it is hard to swim while holding other folks hands.

Will I be able to get a world record certificate?  We are trying to work out the details, but we are not currently sure.

Will there be aerial photos taken?  It looks like we will have a drone taking photos. (Presumably unarmed, but just in case, don’t dress like a terrorist).

May I wear a wetsuit? Yes, if you provide us the contact information of your nearest relative and the funeral home where we should send your parboiled remains.