Below is meet information and our entries for Area Games.  If you see an issue or need to be swimming in a different event please let us know by movie night.  Swimmers can swim in 2 individual events and one relay.  Please check to make sure we have everyone swimming two individual events.  Contact Coaches Lucky or Larry by this Tuesday (Movie Night) if changes need to be made.

Make sure everyone shows up for area games. Our slots for States are determined by how many athletes show up and swim in Area games.

Area Game Information

Date:  Saturday, August 25, 2012

Place:  YMCA Aquatics Center
8422 International Drive
Orlando, FL 32819



8:30 – Volunteer Check In

8:45 – Coaches Check In – Athletes Arrive at pool (8:45 am is when we expect you at the pool)

9:00 – competition begins – 10, 15 meter and Flotation Races (Teaching Pool)

9:00 – warm up swims for both pools – 25 meter and up events

9:30 – Competition begins

  • 25 meter events in the diving well (short course)
  • 50 meter events and up in the competition pool (long course)


Additional Information:

  • There will be no lunch provided for this event
  • There will be water coolers on the deck, be sure to hydrate athletes and coaches
  • Awards will be written and put in a basket for each county.  County head coaches claim your athlete awards and you can present them after the athletes are done competing.
  • Coaches please help with the staging of your athletes to expedite the events
  • All coaches will get a print out of the races and heats with all athletes listed so that you can keep up with the events being called.
  • Each coach is responsible for their athlete’s safety and well being.

    Man O War Area Games Entries

    50 Free

    Mark Lanno 39.7
    Dalton Vann  41.2
    Cory Boone 42:79
    Ian Soules 46.00
    Daniel Calderon 55.0
    Erin Maciarz 58:.40
    John David Haywood 1:00.19
    Nikki Harrold 1:09.56
    Tricia Spaulding 1:10.75
    Andrea Zappa 1:22.13
    Michael Derayunau 1:24.12
    Debbie Reis 1:41.43
    Patty  Wittick 1:41.7

    50 Back

    Nicolas Dionisi 1:05.22
    Amanda Rivas 1:06.5
    Daniel Calderon 1:18.9
    Erin Maciarz 1:25.72
    Michael Sarra 1:26.0
    Michael Derayunau 1:35.09
    Debbie Reis 2:14.27

    50 Breast

    Mike Mallamas. 1:01.97
    Ian Soules 1:03.0
    Andrea Zappa 1:56.78

    50 Fly

    Michael Tortorella 41.71
    John David Haywood 1:09.90
    Nikki Harold 1:27.10
    Tricia Spaulding 3:29.75
    Patti Wittick 2:27.52

    100 Free

    Jesse Greve 1:13.35
    Chris Meyer 1:31.56
    Cory Boone 1:39.62
    Dalton Vann 1:45.5
    Mark Lanno 1:49.0
    Doug Sherman 1:54.13
    Lauren Berquist 1:56.33
    Krista Pohorenec 2:02.22
    Amanda Rivas 2:05.9
    Kim Bird 2:18.19
    Mike Hodgson 403.8

    100 Back

    Greg Dedic 1:28.5
    William Westman 1:43.65
    Nicolas Dionisi
    Doug Sherman 2:27.09
    Kim Bird 2:36.97
    Michael Sarra 2:41.0

    100 Breast

    Jon Sady 2:00.96
    Mike Mallamas. 2:26.69
    Lauren Berquist 2:30.12

    100 Fly

    Michael Tortorella 1:40.35
    Chris Meyer 2:02.16

    200 Free

    Jessie Greve 2:41.55
    Krista Pohorenec 4:28.50
    Mike Hodgson 8:06.17

    200 Breast

    John Sady 4:17.85

    200 Back

    Greg Dedic 3:10
    William Westman 1:29.70

    400 Free

    Stephen Deutch 9:57.7

    800 Free

    Stephen Deutch 20:01.9

    Mens 200 medley Relay

    William Westman
    Michael Mallamas
    Michael Tortorella
    Dalton Vann

    Mens 200 Free Relay A

    Jesse Greve
    Greg Dedic
    Jonathan Sady
    Chris Meyer

    Mens 200 Free Relay B

    Doug Sherman
    Cory Boone
    Ian Soulez
    Daniel Calderon

    Mens 200 Free Relay C

    Michael Sarra
    Stephen Deutsh
    Nicolas Dionisi
    John David Haywood

    Michael Hodgson
    Michael Derayunau


    Womens 200 medley Relay

    Amanda Rivas
    Lauren Berquist
    Nikki Harrold
    Krista Pohorenec

    Womens 200 Free Relay

    Erin Maciarz
    Kim Bird
    Trisha Spaulding
    Andrea Zappa

    Patti Wittick
    Debbie Reis