We WILL have practice next Tuesday, July 3.  There was a rumor the Y was going to be closed, but it is open and we’ll have practice.

Reminder!!!   the pool party/Dougnuts at Lucky’s  is Saturday July 7 (9:00 am – 11:00 am) all are welcome. Bring your swim suits we will be playing water volley ball.

3. For your swimmers safety, if his/hers Special Olympics physical is not current,  they will not be allowed in the water to swim (This comes directly from the county office).  Please make sure they are up to date.

4.     We have a New Process in place to help keep track of all of our swimmers!  Each time you attend on Tuesday, you will be approached by one of our Swim Team Moms to have you “sign in” your swimmer. We will occasionally have handouts to share.  This will also serve as a record for us that we have reached all of you attending with important news.  We appreciate your reviewing the information and feel free to approach us if you have any questions or concerns.

5.     For Stroke Team Swimmers Only (Lucky’s Group) Registration (with payment) for the National Invitational is due to Mrs. Sady by July 10.   The coaches will determine your swimmers events if you are unsure what they swim, but please talk to Coach Larry.