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2018 Man O War Swim Team

2018 marks our 25th year swimming at the YMCA Aquatic Center. Last year was a great year with multiple new team records and great swims by everyone.

Coach Lucky Meisenheimer started the program in 1993 and my how we have grown!  We encourage all Special Olympics swimmers to come out and join our program for the  2018 season.  We will use this blog to update information about the team during this year’s season. Make sure you email subscribe by going to the right-hand sidebar and clicking on the email subscribe box.  All the links to our website can be found in the right sidebar as well.

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Important swim team information!! and team photo

Congratulations. This team was voted the best looking swim team in America in the “Lucky Meisenheimer best looking swim team competition” The one judge was unanimous in his decision.

Your coaches are very happy and proud of how hard and how well you
 swam. Everyone did a very good job and you should be proud of yourselves, we are.
We have just over 3 weeks until Area Games. We need to work hard and be at
all the practices that we have before then.
Unfortunately  next Tuesday,July 30th there is a meet at the YMCA and we will
 not be able to swim. So our last 2 practices before area games are very important

First practice for swim season is June 4th

Hello Man O War Swim Team Member!
Our team starting date is June 4  Everyone needs to be at the pool by 7:00pm. Swim assessments will be done for new swimmers.
Athletes without a current medical form will not be able to swim.  We will give you one to have filled out, but athletes will be unable to swim until the medical form is returned.
Swimmers need to bring goggles and swim suits and towels.
The group that swims in the main pool will be swimming a workout on Tuesday night.
It looks like it will be an exciting new season.
Congratulations to all the swimmers that competed in the the Lucky’s Lake Swim Golden Mile. We has several current and former Man O’ War Swimmers take part in the race.  Congratulations to Lauren Bergquist and Gregg Dedic who both won their divisions. Other swimmers included Jesse Greve, Jon Sady, Stephen and Donald Singleton and John David Haywood.

Gregg wins his division at the golden mile.

Lauren wins her division at the Golden Mile.

Sad News

Patti Wittick’s mother Peggy Wittick passed away on Oct 17.  Pattie’s sister Colleen wanted the team to know. A nice lady she will be missed.  Information on the services can be found found by Clicking Here.

On a happier note Gregg Dedic won his age group at the 1st Annual Rowdy and Lucky 1.5 Kilometer open water swim. This is the first official race that has been hosted at Lucky’s Lake Swim. Lucky has requested to have Lucky’s Lake Swim be the  host site for the 2022 Special Olympics Nationals open water swim.  The aquatics competitions will be held at the Rosen YMCA Aquatic Center.

A rose between two thorns. Coach Lucky, Gregg Dedic and Rowdy Gaines.  Gregg wins his age group (men’s 30-34) at the 1st annual Rowdy and Lucky’s open water swim. Gregg also gets two thumbs up for wearing the coolest shirt while getting his award.


State Meet Details

Only two practices left this season before State Meet!  Lets have great attendance!  Information about State Meet is below.

Important Bathroom Notice from the Y

As most of you are aware, the Rosen YMCA Aquatic Center has been doing renovations, which is long needed and great.  Currently, they are renovating the main woman’s locker room, which is closed. All female swimmers need to use the adult locker rooms at the diving well end of the pool.  Both the Men’s and Women’s adult locker rooms are now acting woman’s locker rooms until the renovation is completed.  That means the previous men’s adult locker room at the diving well end is now a woman’s.  All males need to use the newly renovated men’s family locker room. Look at the signs if you are not sure before you walk in.  Thanks

State meet entries.

We have been given fourteen slots for the State swimming championships. As always we had more swimmers win gold medals than we have slots available to send athletes. The selection was based on finishes at the area games.  To be eligible to go to State games you had to win at least one individual gold medal. Priority was given first to those that had won two individual gold, and they were automatically qualified.  Next preference was given to those that won a single individual gold medal and were additionally on the fastest relays. These criteria filled all of our available slots. Please do not complain to the coaches, we have nothing to do with the rules for State Games in the allotment of slots. Feel free to write the state office and voice your complaints,  they will carefully place your letter in their round file where it will be promptly turned over to the State Department of waste management which will give it their full attention.

Even if you have not qualified for the State Swim Meet we would love to have you to continue to come to practices.

2018 State championship qualifiers

Men’s Medley Relay

Dedic, Greggory       + 50 Back & 100 Back

Greve, Jesse            + 100 Free & 50 Free

Soules, Ian               + 100 Breast & 200 IM
Westman, William + 100 Back & 100 free

Men’s Freestyle Relay

Vanscoter, Chad                 +50Free & 50Back
Mallamas, Robert (mike)  +50 Breast & 100Breast
Graham, JD                        + 50fr & 100free
Lanno, Mark                       +100Free & 50Free

Womens Free Relay

Berquist, Lauren     +50free & 100free

Cubillos, Isa              +50Back & 50free

Merrian, Taylor        +50Back & 50free

Hogan, Nicole         +50Back & 50free


Relay alternates

Deutch, Steven 400fr & 1500free

Elzeer, Regan      50Back & 50free


Great swims and two new records today!

Everyone swam awesome today in Area Games with our Man O War swimmers receiving a ton of blue ribbons for their efforts.  Two new team records were set with Gregg Dedic breaking the 50 Backstroke record with a time of 35.1 and the Medley Relay blowing away the old record by several seconds with a time of 2:37.7  Members of the relay included Gregg Dedic (backstroke) Ian Soules (Breaststroke) Jesse Greve (Fly) and William Westman (Free). Although the members of the Medley relay have varied over time, the Man O War  Men’s relay has been undefeated in the State of Florida for the last 25 years. That is quite an accomplishment for our swimmers.

As soon as we receive the final results of the meet from the county and our official number of slots for State Meet we will let you know who has made the cut. This may take several weeks.  Please keep coming to practice.  We will be practicing on Tuesday at our regular time. The developmental group will be practicing in the diving well for the rest of the season 7:15pm to 8pm.

Mike and Ian get ready for the 100 Breast at Area Games. Each won their respective divisions.

Record setting medley relay. Winners of the Area Games and new record holders.

Update to Area Games

Reminder Area Games are on Saturday Aug 18th.  You must participate in order to qualify for State Championships.  Below is the most recent update.

Triathlon Training

For anyone interested in Triathlon competition:

If you are having trouble getting in contact with Hector Torres please reach out to  Wynne at 407-928-4336 and she will make sure to connect you with Hector.

See everyone in the water on Tuesday!


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